The REC Foundation is proud to offer the VEX V5 Robotics Competition (V5RC) to Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine, Space Force, and Coast Guard JROTC programs. Cadets and students alike design, build, modify, and program robots in JROTC invitational events and blended V5RC competitions. Cadet-lead teams compete throughout the VEX V5 Robotics Competition season with the goal of attending the JROTC National Championship.

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Q: How does the JROTC Robotics Program differ from the VEX V5 Robotics Competition?

A: JROTC Programs compete in the same game and the same Qualifying Criteria, and are student-lead teams with the added benefit of being able to attend JROTC invitationals.

Q: Can a JROTC program partner with an existing robotics program at our school?

A: Yes JROTC programs are encouraged to work in partnership with their existing school programs, but there are some rules that could apply.

  • Army JROTC Programs are given the guidance that teams should be at least 50% cadets with the Drive Team being Cadets
  • Air Force teams are encouraged to meet, practice, and collaborate with their schools robotics program, but AFJROTC teams should be 100% cadets.

Q: Is there an LOI or SOP for Army JROTC robotics? ‘

A: Currently, there isn’t a LOI or SOP for robotics. Please consult with your brigade leadership for more details or contact

Q: Where is the JROTC National Championship?

A: The JROTC National Robotics Championship is hosted at the VEX Robotics World Championship in April or May each year.

Q: How do JROTC Teams qualify to the National Championship?

A: Generally, JROTC Invitationals will qualify teams directly to the JROTC National Championship. Unfilled spots will be invited from the JROTC Global Skills list (All services).

Q: Can JROTC Teams compete in both the JROTC National Robotics Championship and the high school division of the VEX Robotics World Championship?

A: Yes, if a JROTC team qualifies for both events they are encouraged to represent their program in both competitions. This is not a violation of G4 as they are different programs.

Q: If a school already has a team can they have a JROTC team with a different base number or must it have the same base number?

A: Having a different base number is the best route. We want the JROTC program to have their own base numbers.

Q: Where can I get a signed 889 Form?

A: To get the most current 889 form, please contact