VEX Engineering Notebook Examples

A team’s Engineering Notebook is a record of their engineering design process through a competition season, and describes the work that led to their strategy, design, robot, code, and gameplay. Each Engineering Notebook is unique, and represents the personalities and approaches of the students who created it.

We encourage you to develop an approach to notebooking that works for your team and gives Judges who review it a sense of your team’s unique style. This article provides a selection of example notebooks from previous VIQRC and V5RC seasons that might give you some ideas for your own notebook. 

None of these notebooks are perfect (and yours won’t be either!), but every one of them clearly depicts the team’s challenges, failures, and successes through a season and demonstrates their student-centered approach to the VEX Robotics Competitions.

VIQRC Team 10511Z


Cypress Ridge Elementary School

Clermont, FL, USA

Zetabots_10511Z.png Zetabots_10511Z_page.png

VIQRC Team 90049B

My Little Pony Fan Club

Syracuse Junior High

Syracuse, UT, USA

90049B_Engineering_Notebook.png 90049B_Engineering_Notebook_page.png

V5RC Team 10703Z

BrainSTEM Botz

Independent HS Team

Talbott, TN, USA

BrainSTEM_Botz_10703Z.png BrainSTEM_Botz_10703Z_page.png

V5RC Team 8876C


Queensbury High School

Queensbury, NY, USA

Steam-C_8876C.png Steam-C_8876C_page.png