Tallo provides a way for students to showcase their robotics commitment to the online community. Students who are 13 and older can apply for Tallo digital badges that relate to their participation in REC Foundation programs.

How to Use Tallo

  • Students can establish a Tallo account and build a profile that allows them to apply for badges.
  • Students who apply and meet the individual requirements for each of the badges will be awarded the specific digital to add to their profile.

REC Foundation Badges

A wide variety of digital badges are available for REC Foundation programs, including:

  • VRC Team Member
  • VIQRC Team Member
  • VEX JROTC Team Member
  • VAIRC Team Member
  • VEX U Team Member
  • Aerial Drone Competition Team Member
  • Alumni Association Member
  • Girl Powered Event Participant
  • Girl Powered Team Member
  • Signature Event Participant
  • Online Challenge Winner
  • VEX World Championship 2022 Participant
  • VEX World Championship 2022 Student Ambassador

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